• Robust and resilient
  • Increased Productivity
  • Unrivaled Flexibility
  • Cost Effective Choice
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Material Selection

At North Scaffold Products, we assess raw materials upon arrival at our factory as we believe the implementation of safety and quality should start well before our scaffolding products and accessories are manufactured. The highest quality of steel is used in each of our products, and is tested to exceed all industry standards. We use a range of testing equipment and procedures – from calibrated hand tools to computerized analysis – working closely with our suppliers to ensure that our materials are approved for manufacturing.

We believe that this first phase is where we should start our commitment and dedication to the craft to deliver peace of mind to our customers. North Scaffold Products cares about the quality of the products.
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North continuously provides superior strength and quality ringlock scaffolding system and accessories; and more. We thoroughly test all products to meet all levels of safety, and exceed industry regulations and standards including:
  • destructive and non-destructive testing
  • computerize FMEA
  • applicable code review
  • technical reports
  • and safety manuals
In addition, we continue to improve our products by developing and testing new accessories on a routinely basis aimed to deliver increased safety, efficiency, versatility and value to owners and users of North Scaffold Products.

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Quality Management

North Scaffold Products have earned extensive building authority approvals assuring North products have passed international inspections by independent test institutions and professional trade associations. Our engineers work to produce consistent products of high standards that are recognized across North America. The elevated consistency that we strive for ensures that only high quality products are produced and sold at North Scaffold Products.